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Hi my name is Tim Picciott CFP®. I’m a Financial Expert, Austrian Economics Nerd, Exposer of Fake News, Ironman triathlete and someone you can count on.

Wealth management

We are a full service fee only wealth management firm built around our clients success. As a fiduciary wealth management firm, we are obligated to put your interest ahead of our own.

Self Directed IRA’s & Crypto IRA’s

We offer self-directed Ira solutions where you can either pay a flat fee and have 100% control of your retirement or we can bundle your traditional investments alongside your crypto’s as the

Crypto Estate Planning & Investments

Are you’re a bitcoin or crypto early adopter? Would you like to know the tips and tricks the ultra elite use to create their own long lasting legacies? Let’s face it, no one just wants to give away their money.

Quick bio:

Father, Financial Expert, Entrepreneur, Political Commentator, Crypto Enthusiast, Economist, Speaker, Triathlete, Recognized Hero

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