The Gold plan is perfect for the: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Business Owner,  High Net Worth Individual or family who needs a problem solver and financial expert on their team, to help take them to the next level.

This is our Crème de le Crème plan for those who have Invested at least $1,000,000 with  Innovative Advisory Group, LLC or for those who are comfortable managing their own assets and have invested $15,000 for our annual retainer.*

This plan secures a relationship with one of our highly experienced financial advisors.    For clients who have invested at least $2.5 Million, you will be reserved into Tim Picciott's CFP® CRPC® Private client group.  The retainer for a private relationship with Tim Picciott starts at $25,000.  For clients who are accepted into the private client group.... they will be grandfathered into a relationship with Tim Picciott CFP® CRPC® when his asset under management minimum requirement inevitably increase.   The Gold and Silver Plans ensures no such exclusive relationship will exists as Tim's minimums increase.

Planning issues may include but not limited to:

-Cash Flow Management and creation

-Debt management strategies

-Retirement Income Strategies

-Crypto and Alternative Asset evaluation

- Charitable Giving Strategies

-Legacy / Foundation Planning

-Employee Benefit including: 401(k) plan review and implementation; key man insurance, group benefits, etc.

What is included?

Monthly meetings / status updates with Tim Picciott CFP® CRPC®  * Eventually this will be with an experienced financial planner unless you are a private client.

For a select time you can be grandfathered into permanent bi monthly meetings with Tim Picciott.​

                -Can be done in person or via video conference.

Individualized phone support from Tim Picciott

Custom financial plan and ongoing advice

Coordination with your other trusted professionals: (CPA’s, Lawyers, Advisors, consultants, etc)

Innovative Advisory Group’s Protected Growth Strategy portfolio’s

Many Wealth Managers are only concerned with the Investment planning aspect of being a wealth manager and aren’t interested in the bigger picture.  Trust the professionals at The Liberty Advisor to be with you every step of the way as we help you fulfill your life’s purpose.

Congratulations on considering what may be the most valuable use of your time and money!

How the Gold Plan Fee works

* Clients are billed quarterly in advance.  A $1,000,001 account will be charged $2500 upfront and the fee will be reassessed during the next billing cycle depending on the value of the account.

 $1,000,001 * .01 = $10,000    $10,000 / 4  = $2500 per quarter in this hypothetical example

* How the Retainer model works:

- For clients with at least $500,000 invested with IAG.  Tim will accept a total fee of $10,000.  For example.  A client has $650,000 invested with IAG.                       $650,000 * 1.25 % = $8125 Asset Under Management fee.  

$10,000 - $8125 = $1875 remaining fee to receive Gold plan service... which at this time will grandfather in the fee as Tim's minimums grow.  This offer is limited time only.

If client does not wish to pursue the Gold Plan they will qualify the Silver Plan in this example. If investor has less than $500,000, they will not qualify for the Silver plan but can invest in it at a reduced price.  

Please see your advisor for the latest  fee schedule.