Made a Lot of Money on Bitcoin…. Now What?  


You Are One Of The Lucky Few Who Got Into Bitcoin Early! Whether It Was Through Good Luck, Good Intuition,  Or Having An Annoying Friend Who Wouldn’t Leave You Alone Until You Bought It… You Are  Probably Glad You Made The Initial Investment When You Did.

That initial investment in Bitcoin could have life changing implications.

Long gone are the days where your biggest concern was not having enough money. Now you are wondering how you can take your wealth from the virtual world to the real world.

Another issue is that it may no longer be prudent to have 99.99% of your net-worth tied up in one of the most volatile asset classes around. 

You still believe in the technology and the philosophy but you want some stability with your financial future.

Now the biggest issue you face when you diversify are the potential tax implications.

What if I told you there were some potential strategies that could potentially allow you to retain more of your wealth?  


High Net-worth  families have been using various strategies for ages to preserve their family’s legacies.  ​

​Some of the issues advanced financial planning can tackle are:

Are you looking to sell an asset with a low cost basis, like bitcoin?

Are you looking to sell a business or start one?

​Early on I realized  crypto early adopters had​ many planning issues on their hands. This initial premonition came around the time of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash fork. Since then the need for this planning has increased as the price and interest around crypto has surged. ****

***It is possible for Bitcoin to retrace all of it's gains since then and this statement is only true as of September 27th 2019.

​Advanced Financial planning involves concepts and strategies where one can get into the weeds rather quickly.

These concepts and their executions are complex and confusing, even to most seasoned financial planners.

That's why I'd recommend you do your own research and start by download our kit today.

Then I'd recommend we have a 15-30 minute discovery call  to see if you'd be a good candidate for this kind of strategy or not. If it doesn't make sense to work together we will let you know.  Many of the strategies we use are not for most investors.

Most of our clients work with us remotely and many we've never even met in person.  With today's technology, you don’t need the everyday be everything to everyone financial planner  down the street.  You need someone that has devoted his practice to solving advanced problems for Crypto Investors and best of all.... with virtual meetings, we can be with you right in your living room.

As someone who specializes in crypto wealth strategies, I know there's always more than one way to tackle an issue, but we can't help you if we haven't talked.

 If you aren't an early investor there is a good chance none of these strategies would work for you.  In that case, it might be a better fit to consider having a self-directed IRA or a Roth IRA where you can invest in crypto using your retirement accounts, while retaining your private keys.

Let me demonstrate how ​our strategies and knowledge can help improve your life today.

​When you hit "Learn More" you will gain access to:

- Top 10 Things You Need To Know When Sitting On Massive Crypto Capital Gains.

- A 15 min complimentary conversation with Tim Picciott CFP CRPC

There are two systems of Taxation in this country, one for the informed and one for the uninformed.

Judge Leonard Hand.

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