Whether you are a Bitcoin early adopter or just looking to invest into Bitcoin

You’ve Made It To The Right Place

Whether you are a Bitcoin early adopter or just looking to invest into Bitcoin
You’ve Made It Too The Right Place

​While most financial planners play it safe when it comes to crypto currencies and avoid it like the plague...  mainly because they know nothing about it.   At least one financial planner hasn't been afraid to spread the word about crypto currencies, even when it meant it he had to leave a highly lucrative position to do so.

The Liberty Advisor Tim Picciott was arguably the first financial advisor  who realized there was a huge need for a financial planner in the crypto space.  

Aside from offering most the services you'd expect from a wealth manager, we also offer planning strategies
and options we are fairly certain almost no other financial advisors are able to offer.

For those why got into Bitcoin Early, you need to know the tips and tricks the elite use to preserve their wealth.  

There are numerous outside the box strategies where you can either defer or in some cases avoid most if not all the tax on your large crypto gains.  These strategies are not common knowledge and this is something Tim Picciott has been working on since before the major run up we had in 2017.  

To get a window into the world of ways you can sell your Crypto without getting killed on taxes we highly recommend you download our Crypto Early Adopter Financial Domination Kit.  

The kit contains: 

"Top 10 things you need to know when sitting on massive capital gains".    

-Highlights from presentations Tim has given on estate planning for the ultra wealthy

Most of you won't benefit at all from this material but for the well qualified early adopters who do.... this might be the highest ROI decision you ever made.... besides investing into Bitcoin early of course.  To find out more download our Crypto Early Adopter Financial Domination Kit and read more here.

For those looking to use some of their retirement assets such as IRA's and 401k's to invest into Bitcoin we also have you covered.

Whatever you do... Do NOT CASH OUT of your IRA or 401k to buy Bitcoin.

By utilizing a self directed IRA for your crypto we help get you set up so you won't have to pay taxes on your trades. 

This is perfect for HODLers  who are in it for the long run.  

Some of the benefits of working with The Liberty Advisor:

You get to hold onto your Private KEY!

Access to the best strategies for your individual financial goals.  - Did you know almost everyone who sells "Bitcoin IRAs" aren't allowed to give financial advice?

Access to a Certified Financial Planner.

Ability to have one advisor manage all of your traditional and non traditional assets.

To learn visit our microsite here and also download our "Crypto Self Direct Investor Kit"

Inside the kit you'll receive:

The guide to the 6 biggest mistakes Crypto Investors make

10 biggest questions investors  have about using their IRA's to purchase cryptocurrencies

- 9 biggest mistakes people make using Self Directed IRA's

- 75 alternative investments you can invest in outside the stock market

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Before Investing in Crypto Currencies, one should know the numerous risks involved in Cryptocurrencies, not the least of which is a potential complete loss of principal.  For a list of risks and disclosures please click here.

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