Crypto Estate Planning

Are you’re a bitcoin or crypto early adopter?

Would you like to know the tips and tricks Ultra High Net worth families use to strengthen their legacies?

According to Judge Leonard Hand “There are two forms of taxation in this country, One for the informed and one for the uninformed”

Are you ready to become informed?


Self Directed IRA’s

We offer self-directed IRA solutions that allow investors to invest into virtually anything… including Crypto Currencies. If you are thinking of “cashing out” your 401(k) STOP! There is a much smarter way and you may be costing yourself millions!

The following Hypothetical scenario details what would’ve happened to an investor who “cashed out” $100,000 of their 401(k) on January 1st 2017, vs an investor who choose to roll their funds into an IRA or Roth IRA*:

  • “Cash out” Value 1 year later = $896,415
  • Roth IRA Conversion using Crypto Self Direct = $1,033,088 (All gains in a ROTH are TAX FREE!!!
  • IRA Rollover using Crypto Self Direct= $1,377,450 (All Gains are TAX DEFERRED)
  • *Assumptions: An investor purchased $100,000 of bitcoin January 1st 2017 at $1000 per coin. On January 1st 2018 the value of Bitcoin was $13,791. 25% withheld for taxes and 10% penalty. CSD fee taken into consideration. Custodial or potential AUM fee was not.