Hardware Wallets / Cold Wallets / Paper Wallets

Hopefully if you are learning about Hardware Wallets and Cold Wallets for the first time, you don't own any Bitcoin or crypto that you aren't comfortable losing.

We recommend the Ledger Nano s. and the Trezor.  They each have their own pro's and con's, but we like the fact the Ledger Nano supports more coins as of this writing.

           How the Ledger Nano S works

Multi Tier Approach to Securing your Crypto

In this video Andreas Antonopolis breaks down many advanced strategies for securing your crypto.  If you only understood every other word that came out of his mouth please consider taking our 2 week Crypto Video Challenge.

Also if you are a client of Crypto Self Direct we will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to secure your Crypto, so don't let this video overwhelm you.  Securing your Crypto in multi signature, time locked wallets is not needed for the average person but it is something we help incorporate for our retirement clients and estate planning clients. 



Crypto Crash Course

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We've collectively watched thousands of hours of video's on crypto currencies and these are the best video's we've hand selected to help catch you up to speed. Whether you know a lot about Crypto or nothing... we've got you covered. 

Introduction to Paper Wallets

Paper wallets are a much less technologically savvy way to hold your crypto, but sometimes going low tech is the most Hi Tech way to store your Crypto.

If you want to take your "Paper" wallet to the next level, you can check stamp your own private key or you can buy a product off the shelf such as Crypto Steel.

Ok now that you know how to store your Crypto it is time for you to obtain your Crypto.

One of the most beginner friendly sites out there is coinbase.com. If you start on coinbase via the link provided we will each receive $10 in Bitcoin once you make your first purchase of $100 or more.

If you are ready to step up from there to an exchange with more options but not as beginner friendly, you can look into Binance.com.

In any event, once you accumulate an amount of crypto that you wouldn't be comfortable losing.  Whether that is $500 or $5000, it makes sense to invest into a "Cold Wallet".

Another more advanced way of obtaining "Exotic" coins without going through an exchange is to use a company called Shapeshift.io .  Again, this is a more advanced procedure and the benefit of this are added  security and anonymity. 

 This is because your money can go from one "cold wallet" to another and does not have to sit on an exchange.   If you can't find your desired coin on Shapeshift, you can help us out via our affiliate link on Changelly