Liberty Advisor Show & Crypto Wealth Show

The Liberty Advisor Show is Interested in exposing: the false left-right paradigm, media double standards, lying politicians while investigating the money behind all the issues. 

 We mainly cover topics relating to: The Economy, Stock Market, Decentralization of everything ​ and as time goes by less and less politics because it's all BS.

​We also run a Crypto Specific show called The Crypto Wealth Show.... and as the name implies this show is about... Crypto.

What initially started off as a Facebook page dedicated to defeating Hillary and Jeb Bush via memes... has become a long format hard hitting show that is filled with information you won't see on the Fake News media.   We'd love if you can check us out and especially on decentralized platforms.  

​    Right now the only      place to see all the 

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         We are working on getting all of our content up on other platforms.

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