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Additionally, we work with individuals and families who are close to retirement or in retirement and are aware of how the FED "works".  For these individuals we employ protected growth portfolio's that help mitigate against one of the largest risks retiree's face.... which is sequence of return risk. 

Many of the retirement risks and economic commentary is covered towards the end of our Bitcoin beginners course as well as our Podcast which can be found on most major platforms.  The Bitcoin beginners course is also where you'll find a free download of our E- Book "How It's Rigged - The Economy".  If you want to know how the Economic numbers are rigged then this is the book for you.  In this short 18 page book we cover how the Inflation rate is rigged, The unemployment rate is rigged and how the GDP is rigged.

We're giving away this information because the only way to beat the powers that be, are to have an informed populace.  We also know that we sing a tune that is very different than almost any other advisor out there and we want to give you an opportunity to learn more about The Liberty Advisor before you make your investing decision.

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