Executive Summary: the politics of healthcare

In this podcast first get into the politics of healthcare.

Then we get into how Trump was conned by the GOP leadership.

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Then I want to get into bad solutions… but solutions that would be better than what was proposed because what he have now is awful and some of the republican ideas besides Rand Paul’s are even worse than what we have now

And then ultimately I want to get into the one thing no one is addressing about the health care debate and I mean no one is addressing in any of the parties so you will want to stick around to the end to hear that.  Enjoy.






Politics of Healthcare

Republicans voted something 60 times to repeal Obamacare when Obama was in office and all along I was telling people.                     This is a con ……    Half of those republicans helped write Obamacare      and the other half don’t have the balls to actually take it away

Is is too outrageous to think that maybe the only reason republicans were acting tough is because they knew Obama would never sign it.

Anyways for 8 years all we heard was repeal and replace. Repeal and replace

However once the republican turncoats got control of ….. everything they decided to tinker around the edges with Healthcare

The house version got rid of the Obamacare capital gains taxes on the wealthy …         which is good but ———-they forced insurance companies to have underwrite everyone ——-but if they didn’t previously have insurance they could charge them 30% more ….. for 1 year.

Can you believe this.   Why would any young healthy person buy insurance if they can wait until they get sick to buy the insurance and just pay 30% more…  for only 1 year?

This would be like driving around with no auto insurance…. Wait until you back into a parked car then the auto company could charge you 30% more but they are instantly on the hook for the damages.

If auto insurance companies worked this way A…. it would not be insurance and B nobody would buy it until they needed it.

Why would you spend 1000’s of dollars in premiums if you could just wait until you have an accident to buy it for 30% more —— and then after a year ——-you could pay the same rate as everyone else.


Not to be outdone.  The globalists in the senate decided to leave the capital gains taxes in there and they also decided to remove the 30% surcharge however …. They did decide to add 1 more caveat that was not in the house bill

Their version said you could not charge 30% more but people who previously weren’t insured

Had to wait 6 months before their insurance kicked in              after applying with an insurer.


A lot of people don’t think like an economist and a lot of the economists are just hired guns or mercenaries who will greenlight any politicians dog shit ideas as long as it suits their career or pocketbook.


For 1 we have Jonathan Gruber who said paraphrasing here “ this only passed because of the ignorance of the average American voter”   He said this on many occasions along with other phrases such as

“sometimes lack of transparency can be incredibly beneficial”


What Jonathan Gruber meant and the con he was trying to play was that traditionally people paid for health insurance through their employers.   By doing so people could then pay for these benefits using pretax dollars.

With  Obamacare        you would shift the burden from the employer to the individual.

Now individuals would be paying for health insurance using post tax dollars.  meaning the government just raised aka stole Billions of dollars more from the American people.

And to see this guy with his weasely little non threatening nerd appearance laugh about ripping off americans including me and my family and believe me I’m in Maricopa county and got screwed as hard as anyone…. it makes me want to bring back the days of tar and feathering


Ok so where I was going with the economist point before I got into a Jonathan Gruber speal is that as an Austrian economist  I know that there are ways to get around the sentate provisions.

You can buy temporary insurance right now and it’s pretty cheap.  If you had to wait 6 months before your benefits kicked in you could apply for real insurance and buy cheap temporary insurance and once your 6 months is up you can cancel your pending contract, reup for another 6 months with your temporary insurance and then start your 6 month clock with someone else.

Now if something catastrophic were to happen you would at that point go with the real insurance  (AIR QUOTES) once your temporary insurance is up and the 6 month window has been reached.

These idiots in congress and the sentate are clueless on how economics really works.

They assume everything happens in a vacuum and that 1 change over here won’t effect something over there.  It’s called the butterfly effect and Nasim Taleb from the Black Swan actually wrote a book on it.

Getting back to the politics:

I just demonstrated two gigantic problems with the senate and house bills.

Both of these bills as written would literally bankrupt the programs even quicker

And guess what that means.  That means that now republicans and Trump are going to get the blame.

Today Trump tweeted out that it might be better to let Obamacare fail and he blamed a few republicans namely Rand Paul.

Rand Paul just saved your ass because the steamy pile of dog shit you would’ve signed into law would’ve backfired big time.

Unless you have the balls to actually repeal Obamacare why would you want to tinkker around the edges with it.  These proposals were written by the globalist in the house and senate who are in the pockets of the insurance companies and big pharma so of course they came out with a  screw job.


Bad solutions but better than Obamacare

As a country we have gotten so far away from freedom and individual liberty that its embarrassing.  Obviously its worse on the democratic side but republicans are not exempt from killing our freedoms either.

Besides Rand Paul and a few others in freedom caucus the rest are seeing how quick they can destroy our liberties.

I say a few others in the freedom caucus because the only reason some of them voted against the bill or spoke ill of it was for political and not philosophical reasons.

For instance Trent Franks is my congressman and Mr Franks was a ardent supporter of the TPP and was the deciding vote to expand government even more in the early 2000’s when George W reached out to him to create medicare part D.

He is a FINO  :   Freedom in name only

And for political reasons he wouldn’t tell anyone how he would vote.  Someone standing on philosophy wouldn’t do this and he is a member of the freedom caucus but as one of his constitutents it is clear his part of the Washington machine and another mccain ackolyte.


Ok if we as americans are such jellyfish cucks that freedom and the free market are off the table than here is a bad solution that is much better than what we have.   Again this is playing devils advocate.

In order for healthcare to work with this current BS bill and proposed bills.   We have to make Americans all Americans buy it or drastically increase the penalty for not getting it.

Right now a lot of healthy people are choosing not to buy insurance while the sick and elderly are obviously going to buy it or have it given to them.

Insurance cannot work if there aren’t enough young healthy people paying into it.

Right now the penalty is so low that it doesn’t deter anyone from not getting it.

Interestingly enough the reason the supreme court said it was constitutional was because the tax was so low.

Bottom line is you can’t have your cake and eat it to.

If people can buy insurance after their sick they won’t buy it until they are sick.

It is called moral hazard and politicians either need to have the balls to force everyone to buy it… and then get voted out or have the balls to resort to freedom and then probably still get voted out.

Some of the scandanavian countries have systems like this but they also have incredibly high taxes


One of the most important issues no one talks about.  Honestly I haven’t even heard anyone mention it.

Ultimately to give everyone healthcare or insure everyone in America we need more DR’s


Right now everything that is happening in the medical field is discouraging people from becoming DR’s particularly family care DR’s

I have a lot of friends and clients who are Dr’s and the only one that decided to get into family care was the Dr who was 3rd generation married to an anesthesiologist.

I don’t know if he wants me to give him a shout out in here but you know who you are.

The reason they aren’t getting into family care is because the specialist are the one making all the money and the opportunity cost of being in school until your 30 and then coming out of your residency 100’s of dollars in debt is not very appealing …. To anyone.

Plus they constantly have to deal with insurance companies, getting massive hair cuts to the price of their services, ever increasing compliance costs, regulatory costs, mal practice insurance, etc etc is insuring ( no pun intended) that kids are not going to want to become Dr’s.


So number 1 we have to convince more people to become DR’s and passing another law isn’t going to solve anything.

How do you convince more people to become Dr’s.

The first thing I’d do as president is I’d have Dr’s pay no income tax until their student loans are paid off.

Or better yet their federal taxes would go to paying off their student loans

So if you are making 2 hundo, 30% tax you’d have 60,000 going to your student loans.


Ok so that is part 1.  Part 2 is making it easier for Dr’s to give away their services aka treat people for free.

Before government got involved this was the case.  Dr’s rountinely gave away services to the needy but now they are open to so much liability that they can’t do that anymore.

Ok getting back to part 2.

Lets say Dr Smith has 1000 clients.  Maybe if he treats 150 of them for free.  Mr Smith gets to waive all federal taxes related to his practice income.

Obviously a lot of fine tuning needed here.  Maybe if you render services for 100k you get to deduct 100k from your bill.  Obviously this also can create moral hazards but I don’t want to get into the weeds on a hypothetical that is so far from anything congress has proposed that it isn’t even worth talking about yet.

The student loan idea is a no brainer.  That would create an immense amount of competition and make more kids want to become dr’s.

You can’t force anyone to become a DR and if I have anything to say about it you can’t force any DR to treat you.  Otherwise that is called slavery.

Rand Paul

This is a point Rand Paul made a few years ago and while we’re on rand paul lets talk about the biggest difference in his bill that isn’t in the other bills.

Rand would allow the small business owner who is self employed to join larger associations.  Instead of your pest control guy being in a group of 1 or 3 people why not allow them to join a national group.

Or if that business owner is also a part of idk  I do triathlon clubs so lets say all USAT members could band together to get a better rate on our policies.

Why this isn’t a thing already is beyond me but isn’t the least bit surpsing.


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