Think retiring with $1 Million is more than enough?   If you are a millennial think again.

For today’s millennials, many of them think the prospects of accumulating $1,000,000 is out of reach.

Wells Fargo found that “64% of millennials say $1 million is out of reach” according to a recent study as reported by time.com.

This is very depressing news because not only is accumulating $1,000,000 not impossible, but it is nowhere near enough.



If you want to find out how to become a Millionaire, here is a quick article along with a simple calculator to let you know how you can get there.



If a 30 year old today is able to accumulate $1,000,000 by the time they are 66 and assuming inflation runs at 4%… That same $1,000,000 will be the equivalent of $250,000 today!   Assuming a 4% withdrawal rate, this means your purchasing power will be roughly $10,000 by the time you are ready to retire if you “only” have a million dollars.

With social security in precarious standing and with pensions going by the wayside retirement planning is now left more and more to the individual.


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