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[00:00:04] Hey everyone is tim picciott libertarian advisor. We’ve got a lot to talk about this week.

[00:00:09] I was in Dallas last week ended up losing my voice so obviously cannot do any podcast without having a voice which you know is kind of unfortunate for my wife because you know the one week that I lose my voice I’m not around her so she didn’t get the benefit not here and having to hear me yap all the time. But but anyways. You know I just want to sneak in a podcast. Head to cancún on Wednesday for my wife’s birthday and going to have at least one of these podcasts out a week that is something that I’m going to make a pledge to do that really as trying to get a lot of things you know situated with business with you know family life with you know figure out how to do these podcast but now I’ve got a great system set up and so I want to do is make this a regular occurrence. And then you don’t want to get more time and get better systems when to make this a regular thing so you guys will be able to check out the podcast. Go to libertarian advisor dot com will have links to the Google Play store iTunes stitcher PODBEAN YouTube and actually I think the Google Play is not up yet but that will be in the future.

[00:01:11] But what I wanted. But we know a lot of things that were going on. One of the things I wanted to talk about first was you know that the the GOP tax bill has this tax bill. You know its been lauded as you know this great thing for the middle class in the A What a win for everybody but you know when you really break it down in that it brought a few notes in this. If you break it down this is really a bullshit tax plan that you know for having full control of all of the governors for having full control of both houses for having the presidency and this is the best we can we can hope for. And you know some people like to get mad at me and say hey you know give them a chance given a chance. Well you know I am a financial expert. And a certified financial planner. You know I’m not a tax expert. That’s not what I dabble in all the time but what I will say though is that you know this plan is not tax reform what it is is basically lowering the rate closer to zero which I’m all for it. I don’t really think there should be an income tax. I think there should be a consumption tax. We shouldn’t be incentivizing people to be spending to be saving their money or working. We should be incentivizing people to spend money.

[00:02:16] And maybe you know maybe the poor get some sort of exemptions where you know you know their basic needs aren’t tax and otherwise you know people would cry out and say oh my god this is such a terrible thing for the poor.

[00:02:28] I know that we can’t have a consumption based tax.

[00:02:30] But again this is not tax reform. You know reform would be a game changing move like maybe getting rid of the income tax and replacing with a consumption tax reform would be a game changing move. Maybe trying to balance the budget and not the same balance a budget this year. No I’m not greedy. Maybe you know maybe even five years. No tax reform would be maybe cutting government spending. So you know it’s all great you know pound your chest and not going to you know pump the table right now because I don’t want to break a bunch of stuff.

[00:02:56] But it’s not tax reform when you don’t count.

[00:03:01] We aren’t even considering cutting government spending. I mean a matter of fact Governor spending is going to going up. And so you know all the Republicans and Trump voters won’t get mad at me for it any time I badmouthed Trump but the fact of the matter is he’s doing a lot of things where you know if he were Democrats you people would you know be up in arms over this. And again you know I am a certified financial planner. I’ve been one for six years been a financial planner going on 10. I’ve been working you know in the stock market one way or another pretty much since I was 15.

[00:03:30] So you know and a lot of people that look at me as oh this is some young guy up here so you know what does he know. But you know I was one of the youngest people ever to pass the CFP exam. So you know that is worth something.

[00:03:42] And you know I will say this I was completely ecstatic over the bill that they were going to propose to release in May. You know that was an actual That was that was a great bill they were talking about having 15 percent tax passing rates. Now they’re talking about 25. So I don’t know what that is off the top of my head like 60 percent increase. So I mean how are you going to you know lead with 15 and up at 25 and then I don’t even get into how a lot of people that that’s really kind of smoke and mirrors that 2005 because a lot of people like myself who run a business. I’m not I’d not even counted as part of this or my PACs and the tea I’m I’m basically disqualified because what Trump is saying is that you know anyone who has a personal service business.

[00:04:23] So you know you’re you know your CPA is your account and you know financial advisers you know anyone who provides a personal service for anybody you know maybe like the you know any any salesman that you know.

[00:04:36] You know I think even lawyers are 100 percent sure not sure about doctors either. You know entertainers they’re going to be wound up in this too. They’re not even counted. So this entire bill is not even going to benefit those people at all. And I’m one of those people so I’m also pissed. And the other thing is there is a phase out. I mean right now the limit is on the numbers that have been ahead. I think it’s 250 thousand dollars the tax rate is 25 percent. And so for the people who are making So basically you know this there is no relief for the average middle American income guy who’s creating their own business who’s maybe making between 125 and 250. This bill does not do one fucking thing to help those people out because the rate was already 25 percent so if you’re getting. So if you’re dropping the passer rate down from where it was like thirty nine point six down to 25 and people who are making $200000 a year as a small business owner we’re already paying 25 percent. You’ve done nothing to help them out. You know what you’ve done is you’ve helped out the Googles of the world the Amazons of the world and I’m a free market capitalist guy and I want to you know you know obviously see the rate move to a consumption tax and you can get down to zero.

[00:05:48] But if I was going to prioritize who I’m going to benefit it sure as hell wouldn’t be the major corporations that were doing nothing but trying to drag you down the entire time because they need they have so many different loopholes whether it’s you know the Irish Dutch sandwich and also their bullshit that they do or you know integrate as a financial adviser and once I start making money I’m just going to have a corporation in Puerto Rico pay myself. Capital gains are in capital gains taxes over there. There’s all sorts of crazy stuff you can do. And you know great you know thank you for basically you know doing nothing when it comes to that. And then there’s also this other bullshit that they’re doing now where there is something where you know if you do have a personal service business that only 30 percent of it can count as being your actual business income and the rest of it has to count as your ordinary income. And so you know just kind of give you a little aside about what’s going on in my life right now is that probably next you know starting in January I mean to be kind of stepping away from my normal financial advisor business take more of a managerial role in that business while I start another business so you know I really truly will be that it will be business income and and really respect that I’m not really sure how the government is going to treat that. They’re going to say hey because you know you’ve fallen into the class of financial adviser that that’s a personal service corporation. So therefore at least 70 percent of any earnings that come from this have to be derived from you. Meaning that you know if I were to make that say $300000 a year. Twenty five percent phased out wouldn’t even apply to me.

[00:07:21] So you know this is I don’t think this is great at all I mean because what’s going to happen is you know any savings that end up going on are going to be you know basically taken up in either higher accounting fees. You know probably my health insurance is probably going to go up by you know more than the twelve hundred dollars that this is supposedly going to save me anyways. Before Obama I was paying $70 a month for health insurance this year because I’m having a baby so you know right off the bat in January I had to pay sixty $600 deductible on top of the 15000 $500 no insurance premium. So I’m looking at 21000 fucking dollars as a 31 year old this year and last year a part of me to make that much too. I started to come I moved from one company started another one had tons of business expenses and then boom January have a baby. And so some of you are probably thinking oh well you know why don’t you just go on Obamacare. Well I live in Arizona where basically Obamacare doesn’t even exist. There’s only one option for it. None of the doctors even take it. So unless I want to risk my child basically being born you know in the ghetto with you know some broke ass doctor doesn’t give a fuck about you know my child and you know no one takes it no one takes in Arizona. So it’s basically a moot point.

[00:08:28] So unless some illegal alien that you know you know we’re the you know ghetto doctor you know funky you know is better off than any care they can get in Mexico. You know I’m going to be substantially worse off. And the other thing I want to talk about is this whole pastor and see what people don’t realize about business owners is that we also have to pay not only you know the regular Social Security tax but we also have to pay it for the employer as well. So if you’re looking at you know Medicare and all the Fika we’re looking at I think it’s a fifteen point three percent. So then if you add that onto even if there was that passed through rate that applied to me which doesn’t add 25 percent you’re still looking at 40 percent. And so what I want to know is at what point are you not a slave.

[00:09:07] At what point how much income do you have to pay to not be counted as a slave anymore. You know obviously 100 percent of your slave 90 percent you probably make that argument 80 percent probably make that argument 70 percent probably make that argument but I wonder at what point does that argument knock how many more. Because I really want to know at what point are you not considered a slave anymore. I’m not. I would say you know certainly over 50 you know that one win over half year incomes go into you know stay at that point. You know I think that you heard pretty much an indentured servant. But you know that also and people want to make up all of these claims like oh well and and in the whatever it was in the early 1800s there was a 90 percent tax rate will aid that I think that applied to get the equivalent of like 10 million dollars a year in today’s dollars. The other thing is there were so many loopholes it was the tax system back then was like Swiss cheese. And guess what. Nobody was paying that. I mean there’s probably less people paying that than were paying their taxes on Bitcoin. You know last year there was like eight hundred ninety three or something people that paid taxes on Bitcoin whereas I think there was like 400 people that ended up paying taxes at that 90 percent rate and again there are so many different loopholes that you know that really didn’t apply to anybody but you know there is some good things with the tax bill.

[00:10:18] You know you are going to have a much higher standard deduction. I think that’s great if you’re making between you know you know 40 and maybe you know 80000 your prior and not that. And give me a net winner out of this. You know the section 179 tax deduction meaning if you buy a really expensive piece of business equipment a going up from you can deduct you know five hundred thousand dollars of it you’re want all of the five million. So thank you. Thank you President Trump look I really need that fucking five million dollar reduction because it is because you know I work with you know because every small business owner I work with is just pounding out you know five million dollar deductions. You know guess what. No but no fucking small business owners are like saying oh my god thank you for that five million dollar deduction those are bigger businesses that are doing this. There’s almost nothing to benefit small businesses in this tax bill and again I was very very happy with the bill that was coming out that the proposed in May but this bill is complete bullshit. And again I mean that’s one thing if you know you have a Democratic led House or a you know there’s a mixed house. Got to play games. But this is no excuse for this. And that’s why I’ve been saying all along that the Republicans are the basically the Democratic Party lite aura. You know maybe the Communist Party Lite because of you.

[00:11:27] Because my own thing is you’ve got to say you’ve got you know freedom over here and and if you guys can see this or not so you’ve got freedom over you know one axis you’ve got no authoritarianism on the other side and basically you know the Democrats and Republicans. You know them. You know obviously the Democrats are a little bit more authoritarianism than the Republicans but both of them are nowhere near nowhere near freedom so freedoms all the way to the right. You know the Democrats you know the Republicans are basically you know you know a little inch or a millimeter away from you know where the Democrats are and you know there’s not a goddamn difference between them. No problem.

[00:12:01] You know to get us where you are maybe at the end of the year or you know donate it to some sort of charity.

[00:12:08] But I apologize for the language. The other thing that’s going way has got the estate taxes getting up to 10 million over six years it’s going to be it’s going to be going down to zero. And again the 10 million is more like 20 million because if you’re married then it’s.

[00:12:22] So it’s 10 million for an individual 20 million for a married couple. And again there shouldn’t be an estate tax. It raises very little revenue. It’s just a big you know you know class you know political football that people throw you know as a financial advisor. Actually one of the companies I’m trying to set up right now is a cryptocurrency estate planning company. There are so many rules that the ultra elite do when it in so many games they play when it comes to you know setting up foundations when it comes to having a terrible trust that ends up paying themselves out and they get massive tax deductions and then you can set up all sorts of what they call islets or irrevocable life insurance trusts. So then that way you know that insurance proceeds doesn’t count as part of your gross estate. There’s all sorts of games to play. So basically you know that’s only going to people you know maybe farmers that didn’t know any better. Didn’t you know didn’t trust anybody you know sued and trust you know financial advisers to you know sell them on this but you know the Bill Gates of the world. Jeff Beezus of the world the Warren Buffett of the world when they talk about giving away their money they’re not really giving away their money.

[00:13:20] It’s privatized philanthropy and again this is something that you know maybe I wouldn’t call myself an expert on it but in terms of knowledge on this I’m you know I’d say an eight or ten but you know I know and I work closely with people that are 10 10 on a time this and this is something I know quite a bit about other things in the tax bill are no longer going to be able to deduct interest on student loans no longer going to be able to deduct it and you know there’s no more adoption credits no more adoption assistance that’s going away.

[00:13:47] I mean I don’t know probably diverting that to dreamers for all I know. You know if you’re a teacher and let’s say you’re buying you know you know different school supplies for your children you know that’s not going to be deductible anymore. So you know thank you President Trump that you know we’re really glad that you know you had the five million dollar deduction that’s going on for you know for the business owners and then you know the all the fat cats you know they’re going to you know do really well by that teacher or that you know person that you know was foolish enough to go to college and get themselves you know hundreds of thousands dollars and that unless they were you know a doctor and that’s not foolish. But you know I think in today’s teenage that going to college is a joke because there’s a lot better options you could do. I mean there’s Turkish programs there’s all sorts of you know you know like to see a free program. You know I spent maybe five six thousand hours on that. Got way more about than I did at a college. And some of you might be saying oh well maybe this guy’s not smart or he didn’t get into a good school. Guess what I got to the heart of school to get into public school in New York and did well in that you know I had straight A’s in high school. Never missed a day in high school so it’s not like I’m you know some delinquent over here you know who you know was mad that I couldn’t hack.

[00:14:53] I just know that you know that basically everything you’re learning in school is you know already obsolete by the time you can learn it and it doesn’t apply to the real world especially in terms of business you know entrepreneurship. You know all these B.S. majors they have you know pretty much all major in basket weaving and other thing they’ve got going on the tax bill is is no more Rothbury characterizations. So what this is let’s say you had an IRA and you decided to convert it to a Roth So you’ve got an IRA that is pretax money meaning you’ve got to deduct it from your taxes. So you put in $10000 and you made a hundred. Now the government thinks you made 90. Now what was going on since 2009 2010 they started allowing people to convert their IRAs into Roth IRAs meaning the government would get the taxation so someone had let’s say $500000 IRA and then you know they decided to convert to a Roth. They’d have to add $500000 onto their taxable income for the year. So again there’s not a lot of people who are doing it all in one shot. You know it makes it makes a lot more sense to you know do enough you know each year to kind of fill the next tax bracket. And there’s all sorts of games you can play with that. And again know you can talk with your financial advisor about that but one of the things that people used to do is that there was this re characterization and with the characterization was let’s say that $500000. Let’s say it ended up going down.

[00:16:13] So the market crash and now the 500 is now I don’t know like 300. Well people will do is that. It’s almost like a like a mulligan where they say you know hey know you know I had to pay taxes. Five hundred. But now you know two months later it’s 300. You know let’s do a redo on that because you know obviously you would be much better for me to you know claim it out the 300 level and pay taxes on 300000 and 500000 that’s going away now. And again that’s probably makes more sense. You know unless in limited circumstances to just wait until the next recession anyways. Before you go ahead and do that and I want to get into now is going to be and but you know it’s going to take a quick quick little drink here.

[00:16:53] All right now I think for a much more appropriate name for these guys would be Profar because these guys are the fascists. These guys are the ones who are endorsing fast fascism and this is a point that I was harping on over a year ago and the Facebook like some of the very first Facebook lives I was doing I was talking about this fact because you look at the people who supported Hillary.

[00:17:16] You look at the people who fund the Democrats. You look at the people who fund other rhinos. It’s the big banks who are the who are the big banks supported. They all supported Hillary. It’s the George Soros of the world. Who do they support. They support the Democrats. It’s the media who the media support the media supports. Obviously that is for Donald Trump all the power elite who are the power elite support. Obviously they didn’t support Donald Trump. And so you know wouldn’t you think that that you know some of that if Trump was a fascist that he’d have the media behind him that he’d have the big banks behind him that he’d have you know the you know the scumbags like source Soros behind him. You have all the pedophiles in Hollywood behind him that you have all the power left behind. None of those guys were behind him because they hated him because he was stopping their fascism their fascism was the Transpacific Partnership and just you know and I actually read part of the WikiLeaks that came out on the financial part of it and it was absolutely disgusting what they’re trying to do. One of the things they are trying to do is let’s say let’s say you’re in Italy and you want to ban Monsanto and let’s say Monsanto is making no one’s hypothetical.

[00:18:17] Let’s say they were making $2 billion a year off father GMO Frankenfood. Now what would happen is they would then take you to a tribunal set up basically of the corporations themselves and then they could then impose a penalty on Italy and say OK Italy you owe Monsanto $2 billion. Because we’re the TPP and we’re fascists and this is basically the new one world government that is going to come in through the skies.

[00:18:43] And what also you know sickens me is that a lot of these Republicans especially in my state Arizona where you know soon to be ex Senator Jeff Flake because the guy is too much of a pussy to run again because you know he knows is going get his ass handed to him by R. Kelly Ward Dr Kelly Ward. You know he was saying oh well you know these aren’t my Republicans because these Republicans don’t support free trade. There is nothing free about the Transpacific Partnership. You don’t need a well written in secret that’s you know ten times longer than the Bible to then you know talk about how free you are. You know I could write you know how free we are you know on a piece of paper like this to then talk about if you wanted free trade so that’s one of the things that’s going around you know. You know even amongst the Republican media out there you’re talking about how you know the Transpacific Partnership is this big you know it was such a blow for freedom around the world as a blow for you know you know for free trade.

[00:19:37] And then we look at who the fascists are. You know the EU you know that was that’s fascism.

[00:19:41] And how has the EU set up the EU set up at the very first build a big meeting to happen I think it was 1940 1954 are many 56 and I’m not going to get into what to build the bridges and all that stuff it’s a whole nother rabbit hole but you know that’s where they were saying oh we’re going to have this trade bill. Nobody And this was again in the 50s a lot of you probably think it all of a union come about the late 90s or early 2000s. Well no it was the plan was hatched in the 50s they signed on the trade agreements and now if you’re let’s say you know the one of the main reasons there is Briggs’s because if you were you know a British citizen you had unelected EU bureaucrats mainly bankers the fascists who are the ones making your laws and then even the worst part is that part is these are the guys who are then you know grandstanding about how you know we need to pay higher taxes and you know institutions like the IMF are completely tax free and if you want to talk about the real fashion that’s going on right now the real fascism fascism is the central banks the central banks like the Bank of Japan. They’re printing money out of thin air so one of the guys in here this making the you know typing on a keyboard because you know it’s you know too slow to print money these days. And so what they’re doing is they’re printing money out of thin air then using that money to buy their own stock market.

[00:20:48] So they have 75 percent of Japanese ETF right now are owned by the Bank of Japan. That is actual fascism that is going on and not one fucking word from the Democrats or the media talking about this. This is something I’ve been harping on for a really long time and then so here’s a clip that I want to play from CNBC. This is actually from a couple of years ago actually you know it’s from 2012 June 2010 2012. And let me just play a little bit of this for you guys.

[00:21:12] I think that right now the question is do we all work for a central bankers. That’s what I want to address to our guests tonight. Is this global governance at last. Is it one world the central bankers and charged him Jimmy Orio.

[00:21:26] And the short answer is yes and it’s done by stealth because it’s too hard for the average person to understand what’s really frustrating is that Donald Trump is now playing into their hands when he knows damn well what’s going on. And then the stock in the bank of Japan doing this the ECB they’ve bought huge amount of corporate bonds. And again I’m going to do is I’m going to have these all linked in the show notes about where the different videos and referencing the different articles and I’m referencing they’re all going to be in the show notes so make sure you guys check it out. Libertarian advisor dot com. You know also you know if you’re only you know on your way home from work right now you don’t have you know the full time to listen to all this. And we will also be on iTunes or Google Play stitcher pod being YouTube’s you know it would be a great thing to listen to later on please share it. You know just trying to get the word out there and you know another example I want to use is the reason why I’m so flustered about all this tax reform talk is because if you have the very first Dartos ever created December 23rd 1913 had four percent interest on it so that now it’s the very first borrow a dollar that the government borrowed in 1913 was had 4 percent interest that was due on it. So what that meant is at the end of year one you put in a dollar and you owe a dollar for guess what.

[00:22:38] You can never pay back a dollar for with one dollar because what you have to do is you have to purchase another dollar. And then and then all of a sudden now you 0 2 0 8 and you’ve only created $2 or so right from the beginning. This entire system is a fraud. This entire system is bullshit. It’s all Ponzi scheme. And by the way it’s not like I’m some liberal up here you know complaining about oh woe is me and I can’t make it. You know I’ve got a business that’s bringing in six figures right now. And I also have no work in the stock market so all is printing money right now is going to benefit me. So I’m actually talking of my own self-interest right now because I know because I don’t want my you know grandchildren and great grandchildren to be slaves to this whole system. And the other reason the stock market is so high is because you know you’ve got people like the in this from zero hedge right now just the other day. This shows a Swiss National Bank owns 80 a billion dollars in U.S. stocks. So for a family of four it’s like being like $40000 for every Swiss person there. You know I wish our government owned $40000 in U.S. stocks but instead we’ve got $50000 of debt and that debt doesn’t include Social Security also doesn’t include Medicare which is more of an unfunded liability than Social Security. So it’s absolutely crazy what’s going on. If you want to know why the stock market so high. You know this is a former Federal Reserve governor. March 9th 2016. Richard Fisher.

[00:23:50] And let’s see what he has to say about this because I use this analogy before I heard him meet him use it. The power.

[00:23:56] Behind the stock market. I think that power is running its course. I like to say that we injected. Cocaine and heroin into the system and our maintaining our Redland. Has.

[00:24:10] Ha.

[00:24:11] Yeah. So this is a this is not me saying this isn’t a former Federal Reserve governor who just recently stepped down saying this that you know it’s that he was on heroin and cocaine now is being maintained on Ritalin. And what they’re doing is it’s the other central banks have actually stepped up their purchases. The Fed stopped purchasing late 2014. But since then there’s been even more. This year it has been two trillion dollars. That was a cause of like you know I think June of central bank purchases worldwide. So what they’re doing is they’re printing money out of thin air then using that money to buy up stock markets which then make everything look all rosy. And one thing that really pisses me off about Donald Trump is that last year in a debate September 26 you know I think it was the first debate with Hillary. This is what Donald Trump had to say about the stock market. And he also said this in June as well. So this will be June 2016 he said this and then again this is September 26 2016 Donald Trump.

[00:25:02] We have the worst revival of our economy since the Great Depression. And believe me we’re in a bubble right now. And the only thing that looks good is the stock market. But if you raise interest rates even a little bit that’s going to come crashing down. We are in a big fat ugly bubble and we better be awfully careful and we have a Fed that’s doing political things this Janet Yellen of the Fed the Fed is doing politically by keeping the interest rates at this level and guess who Don Trump just picked as is New Federal Reserve Chair going to spend a ton of time in this he picked the wrong power.

[00:25:37] He may as well just let Janet Yellen in there because Jerome Powell is basically a clone of Janet Yellen who has no difference and people say oh he’s a Republican he’s a Republican that fucking Obama pick. Do you think though that like any Republican Obama also big news or too. So you want to talk about all these you know Republicans you know that are in there right now. I mean he isn’t he. Jerome Paul is an absolute clone but Donald Trump is in a very very tough spot because if he tells the truth you know basically that this whole system is you know a giant. Everything come classing down and he would get you know. Absolutely. You know probably nothing Don. But actually the best time to get something done isn’t a crisis. So it really pisses me off. He’s playing patty cake here because he has two decisions right now. He either save the dollar or he can save the stock market. He chose to save the stock market completely selling out his message and was so wanting to talk to other libertarians right now. You know it’s going to be a very very hard sell you know to try to get them to vote for him again because you know he’s basically completely renege on this. And this is somebody who can’t fire the Fed Reserve is above the government you’re not allowed to fire the Federal Reserve chief.

[00:26:41] It can’t be done now Congress could say you know the Fed is illegitimate and revoke their charter and they did it once in 1812 when the British Open the owner the what they called the first central bank of America. So the British came down came over here burned on the fucking White House.

[00:26:54] That’s down in your textbooks because the textbooks are owned by the Rothschilds. You can go look it up because they are a major winner of Thomson Reuters. So but you’re obviously not going to hear that in the fake news. And I forgot I was even going it’s because it’s so frustrating. You know somebody when Trump is talking about you know we need to all the fat you know that’s so important. And then over here he’s got a business as usual a pig. And again he’s in a very very tough spot. But there’s you know the you know if he were to come out and say you know this is what’s going on if you were to come talk like me you know Mark you’re probably around the 12000 or something like that maybe even lower. And then it.

[00:27:31] But the absolute base fundamentals of this is we have a debt that you can never repay and you tax everybody 100 percent and you assume they still work the same which they obviously wouldn’t. You can take all the rich people’s money and there’s more debt than there is money and you can never repay this. And so we couldn’t you know work our way out of this debt.

[00:27:48] You know when we had surpluses which actually were real surpluses if you counted so security but you know Clinton didn’t save those he ended up spending those. And the only reason he had surpluses is because the baby boom started in 1946. People spend the most amount of money in their life time at age 46. If you add 1946 to it and 46 you get 9:22 which is right when Clinton came in. So that’s why Clinton you know benefited along with the with the dotcom boom had nothing to do with any of his policies. And so you know now all those baby boomers who are turning 46 92 now they’re turning 66 or 71 and now they’re going to be forced to take liquidations from their retirement accounts because once you turn 70 in the half we’re actually see April 1st and 17 1/2. The guy really makes you take out. You know what the call required minimum distributions are R-Ind. so that starting for the baby boomers. So so being a net positive to the economy now there could be a net drain on the economy. So it’s very disheartening you know having Trump you know basically talk like me last year. So a lot of people are getting mad at me like oh my God you know you’re banding or you are not fully supportive of him. No I’m keeping his ass honest but he was talking about over a year ago. He’s the one that flip flop not me. It’s very hard to convince libertarians are trying to get you know get back on the Trump train next year.

[00:29:00] But again you know this is you know I’ve got another model that we’ve got to pick up from the airport right now. We’re heading up to cancún. So you know you get to watch the kids and that’s give me a much needed vacation. First one we’ve had ourselves but again make sure to check out the podcast on iTunes and Google Play soon stitchery Podbean YouTube probably a few other platforms for dating or libertarian adviser dot com. Make sure to share links with you and at least one of these a week. But you know I’m out of here. And again I apologize for some of the language but you know when it comes down to these issues you know I have to say that Jesus whipped people for a lot less. He went into that temple and he whipped those money changers. And what they’re doing today is about a billion times worse than what they’re doing the money changers. They didn’t have derivatives back then in the biblical days they didn’t have you know swaps. They didn’t have you know futures markets. They didn’t have basically so many you know somewhat NCDOT didn’t have all this synthetic bullshit that they have right now that is built on a house of cards. Speaker of House of Cards we didn’t get into you know all the pedophiles in Hollywood. We didn’t get into the JFK files. We need to get into Donna Brazile and the Democrats you know fleeing the sinking ship. That is the Democratic Party of now trying to throw Hillary under the bus and the people are you know sending the links of oh my god what’s going on. Look Donna Brazil admitted this.

[00:30:14] Again no shit that the Democrats rigged it. And I honestly think that Bernie Sanders would have won if he again. Obviously not Bernie Sanders fan. I mean I think anyone listening to me can probably grasp that. I think Bernie Sanders would have given Donald Trump a run for his money. I think he would run a lot better than the old which Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Not the Russians because if anyone had ties to the Russians it was the Democrats and even guys can go back to podcast episode 5. Listen to that one. Anyways peace out. Sorry for all the rambling on you know some of the swearing in this but it’s only because I care about America. I do want to make America great again. And I know that the best way to fight now is now through the information war because a lot of people you know want to talk about how they’re going to go out and you know they’re going to use your air 15s and engage in some sort of civil war when everything goes to hell in a handbasket Well guess what. If you’re too much of a pussy to say something now you’re probably too much of a pussy to go out and actually you know shoot somebody if it does get into a war. So that’s why I’m fighting now because you know I’m not going to you know guess what. I’m not going to be fighting. If there is some sort of civil war because my ass is prior to me going off shore you know because.

[00:31:16] But everybody else duke it out because you know at this point fighting an actual civil war is pointless. But Democrats and the George Soros of the world are trying to stoke it and that’s why George Soros has poured $18 billion into a fun. Anyways thanks for listening.