Who Forked Who?

On Aug 1 st , the common knowledge is that bitcoin cash forked bitcoin.

For a wider ranging discussion of the bitcoin fork you can watch our latest
podcast located here.

What seems to get lost in the shuffle is that this date also coincided with a bitcoin software
upgrade known as segwit or segregated witness. Without getting super technical, the
argument can easily be made that the underlying software update for “Bitcoin” was a much
more radical change than the fork implemented by the bitcoin cash developer(S).

Bitcoin Cash simply increased the block size from 1mb to 8mb. Given the technological
advances made over the past 9 years, this is not a tremendous jump in size. Bitcoin Segwit
implemented a completely new protocol to the network that fundamentally changed what
bitcoin is. Bitcoin cash in my opinion, just tried to implement a simple fiz to the scaling and
transaction fee issue.


The “only Bitcoin” crowd is very territorial and have resorted to a lot of
name calling as of late. Some have even resorted to calling Bitcoin Cash’s CEO a pedophile.
This is hilarious on numerous fronts. For one, Rick Falkvinge, better know, as the founder of the
Swedish pirate party, wrote a letter where he claimed he was Bitcoin Cash’s CEO.  This letter was clearly written as satire.

Here is an excerpt “And as Chief Executive Officer of this disorganization with made-up
titles, where every document is as official as people pretend it to be,”

Secondly, I invite anyone with an open mind to honestly read his position on Child Porn and try
to make it seem like he was advocating it. To suggest this is completely intellectually dishonest,
but sometimes truth is a casualty in war.



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The other main issue I have with the bitcoin or bust crowd is… why is there complete silence on the fact
that core developments largest funder is AXA. Up until a year ago, Axa was chaired by Henri de
Castries. When de Castries wasn’t busy running one of the largest insurance conglomerates in
the world, he was busy as steering committee chair for the Bilderberg group.

If you are reading this as a newly minted crypto enthusiast and don’t know what the Bilderberg
group is. Then I politely suggest you keep all bitcoin vs bitcoin cash discussions up to the people
who have been following this shadowy cabal for years.

I will do everything in my power to prevent fedcoin and govcoin from coming to existence and I
far more trust bitcoin cash to not acquiesce to the whims of big government than a group of
Federal Reserve Governors, I mean core developers who are backed by the Bilderberg group.

Bitcoin is an incredibly speculative vehicle. Past performance is not an indication of future
returns. I have easily spent over 1000 hours researching blockchain and you should research it
yourself before you take my word or anyone else’s word on it. If your investment into
blockchain is money you can’t lose, than crypto currencies isn’t for you. This is not an
inducement or offer to purchase anything from me. Beware of “Penny” crypto’s and ICO scams