Ripple : Tim’s 2 minute rant.

The crypto currency market has a new darling and it’s name is Ripple. It’s creating enough of a buzz to get noticed by people. There are people making countless predictions about Ripple and it’s value which is currently at about $3.

Before you rush into Ripple you may want to check out both video’s below.  Let me help you by introducing you to some basic knowledge about this crypto currency.



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There are two videos that I’ll post below :
In one video, I give you my 2 minute opinion about Ripple and also share some knowledge about what it really is, it’s history and possible future. I’d  also highly recommend checking out the first 5 minutes on Tone Vay’s Crypto Scam podcast on Ripple that can be seen below.

Tim’s video was taken using his cellular network which explains the poor quality.  One might expect better service in the USSA but at least the audio sounds great.


And the second one is a slight more extensive insight into Ripple by Tone Vays on his channel.

Please let me know your thoughts on this. Please share this information with anyone you feel is interested. It’s always good to have the knowledge before investing into anything.