On this episode of the podcast Tim is interviewed by Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live at Anarchapulco 2018 in Acapulco Mexico. In this show Tim describes the recent business change he made and how he ended up at Anarchapulco and as a speaker at The Dollar Vigilante Investment Summit. Tim and Ian also get into the current financial landscape and how Tim came to finding out about liberty.

Anachapulco is the largest gathering of voluntarist and free thinkers who are trying to change the world through, peace, love, crypto and anarchy. This year there were over 1500 people in attendance which was a sell out crowd. Next year they are making plans for up to 4000 people. Many of the top speakers in liberty and crypto were there and you should be too. Please like and share the episode.

Have you always been suspicious of the Economic data coming out of the swamp?

If so then this is the report for you.  This 17 page brief cuts to the chase and lets you know exactly how the numbers are rigged.

In this report we cover how the following numbers are rigged: GDP, uUemployment and Inflation data.

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