Please note first 5 mins is still video. Financial podcast begins 12 mins in. First 12 mins is general housekeeping info.


 This podcast video starts with a still frame for the first 5 mins and then gets into the actual video.  In this video podcast I spend the first several minutes of the actual video discussing issues clients have brought up.

I then give a brief recap of my NY Trip, Recent Ironman then I get into:


Break down what Innovative Advisory Group is, vs TD vs Liberty Advisor Etc

12 min mar is where the financial market podcast begins

20 min mark talk about importance of sequence of return risk and will be a great thing to rewatch if you’ve seen it or to keep in mind as we’re in the late innings of this ball game.  In the late stages the market can go up the most.  I remember buying Ethereum at $70 and feeling like an idiot but it went to 1200 and settled at $200 so the point of the story is no one knows where the top is but having risk management strategies in place is paramount

28 min mark we get into a cnbc clip where a former fed gov compares the markets using a heroin and cocaine analogy


30 min mark I go back to the archives where I warned that one of the two worst things to do with your money is to bet against a certain index and two weeks later people that were foolish enough to do exactly that lost over 90% of their money.



This video is for informational purposes only.  Many of you watching this are my current clients so talk to your advisor aka me if you have any questions and if you aren’t a client what are you waiting for.  With that said any mention of individual stocks or indexes is just for educational and illustrative purposes only and aren’t meant to be buy r sell recommendations.  Past performance is no indication of future returns and don’t put all your money in Bitcoin.



 Client Video Podcast:






 Show Notes:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecFyOZ-nwXM   Richard Fisher   30 seconds and 1 min

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJCbdze8mEA  20%


http://libertarianadvisor.com/2018/02/12/01-25-18-declare-independence-ernest-hancock-tim-picciott/    38 –             39.50