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Welcome everyone to a very special episode of the liberty advisor podcast. Today happens to be the 10 year anniversary of the bitcoin genesis block and we have the world exclusive interview with Lyn Ulbircht whose son Ross love him or hate him has probably done more for adoption of bitcoin than anyone on the planet.

Have you always been suspicious of the Economic data coming out of the swamp?

If so then this is the report for you.  This 17 page brief cuts to the chase and lets you know exactly how the numbers are rigged.

In this report we cover how the following numbers are rigged: GDP, uUemployment and Inflation data.

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*Teaser Ross calls Lyn during filming!!!!

Lyn Ulbricht is a political activist and advocate for individual freedom, privacy and criminal justice reform. She is also the mother of Ross Ulbricht, who is serving double life without parole for all non-violent charges associated with his role in the Silk Road website, which was arguably the first proof of concept of Bitcoin.

Having seen her only son caged for life after a trial riddled with proven corruption, Lyn is dedicated to fighting not only for Ross’ freedom, but for the thousands who have been victimized by the flawed U.S. criminal justice system and the drug war. She strives to direct awareness to the important precedents set with Ross’s high-profile case, issues that will impact freedom and privacy in the digital age.

Lyn has spoken at numerous events in several countries; appeared on many TV, radio and podcast shows— including Reason TV, CNN, HuffPost Live and Fox; and been interviewed by major and alternative media, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Buzzfeed, John Stossel and The Guardian. She is also prominently featured in the documentary Deep Web.

When not working to raise awareness and support, Lyn focuses on raising funds for legal fees and gaining signatures for Ross’s clemency petition through www.freeross.org.

At Freeross.org I’d highly encourage everyone to sign the petition and to watch Railroaded. The targeting and caging of Ross Ulbricht.

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