We have a very special podcast today.  Todays guest is Andrew Kiguel who is the CEO of Hut 8 mining… The Largest Publicly traded Bitcoin mining company in the world.

With the price of Crypto as low as it is… many pundits have posited the question… Will high mining costs make Bitcoin worthless?  What better person to ask then Andrew Kiguel! 

As Crypto Aficionado’s, not a lot gets by us and we can honestly say even we learned quite a bit from this interview. 

Have you always been suspicious of the Economic data coming out of the swamp?

If so then this is the report for you.  This 17 page brief cuts to the chase and lets you know exactly how the numbers are rigged.

In this report we cover how the following numbers are rigged: GDP, uUemployment and Inflation data.

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If you ever wanted to know what bitcoin mining is or wanted to increase your knowledge of the space… then this is an interview you will not want to miss.

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