​Last week we witnessed one of the craziest weeks in the stock market that I've ever seen. 

Given how crazy things were, I was very busy sending out updates and making content to document what was going on.

The strategy that our firm was running did an amazing job protecting our clients wealth on the way down while nearly getting all of the upside last year.   How did we do it?  How did we know this was the strategy to use?

I invite everyone to check out the interview I did with my collegue and business partner Kirk Chisholm.  Kirk did a masterful job breaking down how he protected our clients wealth during last weeks maylay.

If you haven't seen it, I'd also highly recommend the presentation I gave on the economy on 2-11-2020 at Anarchapulco.  I didn't mention the term corona virus once, but I did raise several structural issues with the economy and what we've done to protect people from one of two scenarios.

Scenario A:  The Central banks, print a bunch of money and this causes the market to go up.

Scenario B: The Central banks lose control and investors stop caring about their money printing and stocks tumble

​ Please note these are also available as audio podcasts on most major platforms as well as on youtube.