Whether you are a Bitcoin early adopter or Wondering how to use retirement funds to invest into Bitcoin, we have your financial needs covered

You’ve Made It To The Right Place

Whether you are a Bitcoin early adopter or just looking to invest into Bitcoin
You’ve Made It Too The Right Place

Tim Picciott CFP®  CRPC®  was one of the first financial advisors who realized there was a huge need for Financial Planning strategies in the crypto space.  

In addition to offering traditional financial advice, we also offer outside the box strategies for Crypto Investors as well.  

If you want to know more about how we work with crypto investors, please choose the question that is most relevant to you

For those who got into Bitcoin Early,

you need to know the strategies 

High Net-worth families use to preserve their wealth.  

There are numerous outside the box strategies investors can use for assets that have substantially appreciated in value.

Some of these strategies are not well known and we're always looking for new ways to help our clients maximize their financial situations. 

To learn more about some of the innovative ways we work with clients, click on the button below if you are an early adopter.

For those looking to use a self directed IRA and/ or 401k

to invest into alternative assets such as Bitcoin and gold.... 

we also have you covered.

By utilizing a self directed IRA for your crypto,  one can potentially invest in either a tax free (Roth IRA) or in the case of a Traditional IRA a tax deferred investment vehicle.  Each have their pro's and con's

The Self Directed IRA is perfect for HODLers  who are in it for the long run.    And yes, the misspelling was on purpose.

Some of the benefits of utilizing The Liberty Advisor for your Self Directed IRA:

You get to hold on to your Private Keys!

Access to innovative strategies for your custom financial plan. 

A single advisor who can manage your traditional and alternative investments.

To learn more about investing into Crypto within your Self Directed IRA, click on the button below.

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Before Investing in Crypto Currencies, one should know the numerous risks involved in Cryptocurrencies, not the least of which is a potential complete loss of principal.  For a list of risks and disclosures please click here.

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