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Why would anyone want to buy Bitcoin or Crypto within their IRA or 401(K)?

Since Bitcoin was meant to be peer to peer electronic cash... why would anyone want to use a financial advisor to buy Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin?  That is a great question that we answer in the video below.

Find out how someone who engaged in the strategy below would've hypothetically made over $100,000 more by using a Roth Conversion vs "Cashing out" their 401(k).  Had someone simply rolled their IRA over they would've had 

If you watched the first video then you more than likely have a few questions about what exactly a Roth Conversion entails and what our strategy involves.  If so then please see our video below.  This was taken from the 2018 TDV Investment and Internationalization Summit in Acapulco MX.

Ok so now that we peaked your interest, you are probably wondering how you can roll over your retirement plan or engage in one of these "Roth Conversions".  If so we have a special offer for those who sign up for out 2 week crypto crash course.  This is a free video series that I personally put together that has what I deem to be the best video's around.   The video's start with they WHY behind Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and eventually gets into the what.  This is a technology that I firmly stand behind... so much so that I actually had to QUIT my previous broker dealer in order to give the presentation above and go unemployed for three months just to stand on principle.



Crypto Crash Course

You will be sent daily emails for 2 weeks to catch you up to speed with everything you need to know about crypto.   You will also receive an exclusive offer that could potentially save your up to $2500 by signing up.  

We've collectively watched thousands of hours of video's on crypto currencies and these are the best video's we've hand selected to help catch you up to speed. Whether you know a lot about Crypto or nothing... we've got you covered. 

Another thing that makes our firm different is that we were founded by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) who truly gets retirement planning and while not claiming to be an expert... truly gets cryptocurrencies.  We are also one of the only firms where you can invest in traditional assets alongside your cryptoassets... how cool is that.   

For those who have over $1,000,000 in investable assets Tim will invite you into his private client group.  This asset level is limited time only and is sure to rise in the very near future.  One of the benefits of working with THE LIBERTY ADVISOR is that we also understand advanced estate planning strategies.  One of these strategies is laid out in our 2 week crypto crash course... and for a limited time only.... Tim's entire TDV Investment speech is also available for those who sign up for the course.  Attendees paid $250 to see this speech in person or $300 to download the entire conference after the fact. We know that this is incredibly valuable information that even Crypto Guru's will appreciate.