Crypto Video Guide

Knowing what Bitcoin is and really KNOWING what Bitcoin is are two different things.  I had known what Bitcoin was since 2011, but didn't really KNOW what Bitcoin was until early 2017.  

If you are like 99.99% of people out there, you are probably intimidate by words like Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, distributed ledgers etc.

When we first heard these terms we were confused as well.  After scouring the internet for thousands of hours, talking with top developers and investors, we think we've put together one of the most comprehensive video guides out there from all across the internet.

We start with video's that show the WHY and then get into video's that help explain the WHAT.  Even if you know a little about blockchain already, there is some advanced material at the end that we feel you can benefit from.



Crypto Crash Course

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We've collectively watched thousands of hours of video's on crypto currencies and these are the best video's we've hand selected to help catch you up to speed. Whether you know a lot about Crypto or nothing... we've got you covered. 

 Even though we think the future looks very bright for the crypto space as a whole... it would be foolhardy to invest into something you know nothing about.   There are many risks associated with investing and the best way to learn is to start with the basics and start small.

One of the most beginner friendly sites out there is coinbase.com. If you start on coinbase via the link provided we will each receive $10 in Bitcoin once you make your first purchase of $100 or more.

If you are ready to step up from there to an exchange with more options but not as beginner friendly, you can look into Binance.com.

In any event, once you accumulate an amount of crypto that you wouldn't be comfortable losing.  Whether that is $500 or $5000, it makes sense to invest into a "Cold Wallet".

We recommend the Ledger Nano s. and the Trezor.  They each have their own pro's and con's, but we like the fact the Ledger Nano supports more coins as of this writing.

Another more advanced way of obtaining "Exotic" coins without going through an exchange is to use a company called Shapeshift.io .  Again, this is a more advanced procedure and the benefit of this are added  security and anonymity.  This is because your money can go from one "cold wallet" to another and does not have to sit on an exchange.   If you can't find your desired coin on Shapeshift, you can help us out via our affiliate link on Changelly.

We know you will find this information incredibly valuable and please email us at info@thelibertyadvisor.com with recommendations on how we can better serve our community.  

*Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and we may receive crypto currency as a thank you for sending business their way.  These are all companies and products that we personally use and trust.