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Why would anyone in their right mind want to put crypto currencies inside their retirement plan?

Many who are sold on the idea of Crypto “cashed out”  their 401(k)’s and IRA’s to invest into Bitcoin and other crypto assets in 2016 and 2017.  For those that did so in the beginning of 2017 or earlier, they made out like bandits... at least on paper.  But what if I told you that those who are long term HODLers, could’ve made even more money had they hypothetically executed a Crypto Roth Conversion instead.

Like anything… we strongly believe you should only invest in what you know and not rush into something hoping to make a quick buck.

f you are new to crypto or know relatively little about this new emerging asset class then we would invite you to take part in our 2 week video series.  

If you are thinking about “cashing out” your 401(k) STOP!      You may be costing yourself millions by not knowing about this little known strategy.   Learn more

The following Hypothetical scenario details what would’ve happened to an investor who “cashed out” $100,000 out of their 401(k) on January 1st 2017, vs an investor who choose to roll their funds into an IRA or Roth IRA*:

“Cash out” Value 1 year later = $896,415   All gains taxable

Roth IRA Conversion using Crypto Self Direct = $1,033,088 (All gains in a ROTH are TAX FREE!!!)

IRA Rollover using Crypto Self Direct= $1,377,450 (All Gains are TAX DEFERRED)

*Assumptions: An investor purchased $100,000 of bitcoin January 1st 2017 at $1000 per coin. On January 1st 2018 the value of Bitcoin was $13,791. 25% withheld for taxes and 10% penalty. CSD fee taken into consideration. Custodial fee not taken into consideration.

What makes us different?

Ok…  so you want to know what makes us different from the competition. is backed by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who has long been a part of the “END THE FED” movement and also by Innovative Advisory Group, a leading Registered Investment Advisory in the Self Directed IRA space.   Since we are licensed Investment Advisor's with nearly 50 years of experience, we cannot only help you invest into crypto, but we can also use our planning expertise to optimize your entire financial life. 

We are also flexible when it comes to how we can help you implement your Crypto Self Directed IRA or Roth IRA.  Our competition has a one size fits all mentality for how you are able to invest crypto within your IRA.  Since we are backed by The Liberty Advisor, we believe you should have the freedom to invest into crypto the way you want within the proper legal framework.   

 Unlike other Bitcoin retirement firms out there, we can provide a one stop shop for all your retirement needs.   As much as we dislike the banks and the current financial system… we do not think it’s a good strategy to put everything into crypto assets.  We are one of the only places where you can invest crypto alongside your other financial assets within your retirement account(s).

 How many other financial advisors WANT to get paid in Crypto?   As a fee only firm we are not here to make a quick sale and move on.  We want to help you hit your retirement goals and  our fee structure is not built upon making one 10%-15% commission and then moving on.  

For those who are only interested in having Crypto within their IRA or Roth IRA.  We offer a pricing model where you can pay us a flat annual management fee and we’ll take care of all your compliance and provide on going support.

Did you know that having a small 2.5-10% allocation to Crypto within your portfolio could actually help lower your portfolio volatility?   


We’ve all heard the phrase “mo money… mo problems”.  If you consider crypto to be money and you were an early adopter… then you have problems you might not even know you have.

We work with high networth individuals and families, who have highly appreciated assets and help them  fortify their legacies while striving to greatly reduce or even potentially eliminate their tax burdens.

Billionaires have been using these strategies for decades.  It’s time to learn what you may be missing out on.  Let us help you disinherit uncle sam today.

If you are thinking of expatriating or need to liquidate a highly appreciated asset its time to schedule a call today. 

Please head over to to see Tim Picciott’s CFP® CRPC® presentation at the 2018 TDV Internationalization and Investment conference.  In this talk Tim shows how a crypto early adopted was able to save MILLIONS in taxes. 

 There are two forms of taxation in this country, one for the informed and one for the uninformed.  It is time you get informed today.

Wealth Management


We highly doubt there is another wealth management firm around that is like us for several reasons.  For one we do a lot more than just invest our clients hard earned assets into stocks, bonds, mutual funds and call it a day.  We take the time to get to know our clients, who over time eventually become our friends.  We help them identify their goals, dreams and then take signifigant time to help implement a plan to best meet their goals.

We also aren't sold on the idea that one should only have "Traditional" assets in their portfolio.  Many of the elite and top endowments have been using "Alternative Investments" for years to help lower their portfolio's volatility while trying to increase their return.  We have been in this space for more than a decade and for the right investor we would like to show you how alternatives can help your portfolio.

How many other RIA's out there offer guidance and management with Self Directed IRA's.  Our guess is that even few dare to offer guidance on Crypto within an IRA. 

Lastly, when it comes to "traditional" investing, even our traditional approach is anything but traditional. We use advanced strategies to hedge our clients portfolio's when we think it makes sense while paying attention to the bigger picture.  Learn more about our protected growth portfolio's below.

Protected Growth Portfolio’s:

Ideally everyone would like to be in the market while it’s going up and not be in the market when its going down.  In a world where central banks can print trillions out of thin air to buy stocks and bonds... timing this is impossible.

We employ strategies where we cap our investors max downside   while allowing the to be more aggressive then they otherwise would be.   While no strategy is fool proof , we believe this strategy can help conserve our investors purchasing power, while insulating them from catastrophic declines.    We can custom tailor this based on our clients investment preferences and risk tolerances.   

Please give us a call today to learn more about how our protected growth portfolio's can help your retirement.