Can I have other assets within my Self Directed IRA?

YES.  Whether its rental property, Private mortgages, Tax Liens or Hard money lending to name a few.  We have a wide variety of alternative investments that can be held in your SDIRA in addition to alternative investments that you bring to us.

Can you manage my traditional assets?

YES.  We have protected growth strategies that help minimize your downside risk while allowing complete liquidity and unlimited upside.

What are your minimums?

Generally speaking Self Directed IRA’s do not make sense for investors with less than $50,000.  With Crypto you can make the case at $25,000… however there are other methods to gain crypto exposure for smaller dollar amounts.  $5000 is our absolute minimum. To work directly with Tim Picciott as part of his Private Client Group and get his exclusive estate planning advice… the minimum investment is $2.5 Million or $25,000 retainer.

What are your fee’s?

0—100,000 ——–1.99%         100,001-$500,000  1.5%
$500,001- $1M — 1.25%           $1M + —————-1%

These are annual fee’s which are charged quarterly in advance.i.e. If someone had $600,000 with us, they would pay 1.25% of $600,000 divided by 4 or $1875 per quarter.

How much does the IRA LLC set up cost?

This varies lawyer by lawyer but is generally in the $800-$1200 range.  You are not required to use a lawyer that we recommend and we receive no compensation from this.

Can you invest into Crypto using a self-directed 401(K)?

Yes.  There are benefits as well as complications involved with this.   For larger companies there are many factors to consider.  For smaller or sole member companes, this is much easier. The main benefit is the amount you can Invest per year.  For instance someone with a solo 401(K) can invest upwards of $55,000 per year or $61,000 if they are over the age of 50.  Contrast this to an IRA which has limits of $5,500 and !0,500 respectively.

Should I have a Roth or an IRA?

That depends on many factors and would best be handled by speaking with one of our representatives.

Can you invest into Alt Coins?


Can you invest into ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings)?

Potentially. However many ICO’s are not open to American’s.

Can I place my existing Crypto into my IRA?

NO.  You must buy the Crypto using cash from your SDIRA.

Should I consider a Trust instead?

Generally speaking trust strategies don’t  come into play until you are well into 7 figures. Tim has a service where he advises people around these complicated issues.  More can be found at Cryptoestateplanning.com or by signing up for one of our email lists.