Geo Political Press Kit

Geo Political Press Kit

Quick Bio:

Tim has been active in politics since 2008 and has been a voracious reader his entire life. Disgusted by the Libertarian party and the prospects of another Bush or Clinton going into the Whitehouse Tim took 3 months off of work in 2016 to help Donald J Trump get into the whitehouse. On August 26th 2016, Tim started The Libertarian Advisor page and within 2 months amassed a following of over 30k people and garnered over 1 million post likes shortly after creating the site. The week of the election Tim’s posts were seen over 1 million times and this was from a site that was only created a few months prior to the election.
Tim was pumping out content showing how the system was rigged economically and he even wrote a short book on it “How it’s Rigged – The Economy”. Leading up the election Tim also made video’s showing how the polling was rigged and he is also credited with coining the term “Fake News” on November 17th 2016.

Topics I can quote or speak on:

The left right paradigm
Why Trump won the election
Decentralization &Blockchain
Millennials and the demise of the two party system
Libertarianism and why it is the true compromise
The overall zeitgeist of the Fed up Trump voter
Philosophy of the “leave me alone-ist”
Federal Reserve and why Trump can’t make America Great Again