Material for the ride home

If you are able to absord the material below you will have an incredibly thourough understanding of crypto currencies.  How to store them, what they are, why they are important, etc.  Through the TDV presentations you will expand your knowledge on retirement, estate planning and crypto IRA's.  The information Tim has provided will greatly help your financial acumen to get to the next level. 

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2019 TDV Investment Summit At Anarchapulco

For anyone interested in seeing Tim's 2018 TDV speech + 1 hour addendum.

Want to know more about Your Risk Number?

What is a Roth Conversion and why you should care.

Sequence of Return Presentation

Client Video where Tim positioned his clients to be insulated from the Oct – Dec bear market.

Lyn Ulbricht and Tim Picciott discuss parallels between her son's case and the President.