Thank you for your interest in working with The Liberty Advisor.

We have many different ways we  work with our clients depending on what your needs are.

Wealth management Clients

Asset under management  fee -  *May include Wealth Management services

​Ask your advisor for latest pricing schedule.

Gold Plan- Clients with $1,000,000 invested or $25,000 annual retainer.    *Clients with over $500k will receive an extreme discount.  - See details

Silver Plan- Clients with over $400,000 or $10,000 annual retainer

*Clients over $250k will receive $4k discount off  retainer - see details

Bronze Plan - not offered at this time

Self Directed IRA's

NO IAG set up fee for clients with over $250,000 AUM.

​Ask your advisor for latest pricing.

Wealth Management Consultations

Initial 15 mins are free and $250 / hr from there on out * Only initial talk

                  - Will Discount services if prospect becomes client to absorb initial 

                      consultation fee.

$500 / hour for Tim Picciott's advice for non AUM or planning clients

Consultation - Non Wealth Management

.1 BTC for crypto related consultations

$250/ Hr for Economic Analysis


.2 BTC per hour for Crypto consultations

$500 / hr for Economic analysis

Want me to speak at your conference, event or company?

- email  for customized solutions.

Investment advice offered through Innovative Advisory Group, LLC.  Innovative Advisory Group, LLC  has no affiliation or common ownership with any other entities mentioned on this website.  All other services offered through Crypto Wealth Advisors LLC which is a subsidiary of Ironplan LLC.